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Business of Kissakoski Sawmill will transfer to Versowood in July 2022

Veisto Oy and Versowood have entered into a contract on 15 March 2022 to acquire the business of Kissakoski Sawmill owned by Veisto Oy and to transfer its operations to Versowood in July 2022.

The business, machineries and buildings of the Kissakoski unit will be transferred in the acquisition. Approximately 20 employees of the company will be transferred to Versowood as old employees.

In the future, the unit will continue sawing small-diameter logs, which will also make sawing more efficient in the Versowood’s Otava, Vierumäki, Hankasalmi and Riihimäki sawmills, where the average tree size will increase.

Versowood Group’s turnover for the fiscal year ending in June 2022 will be approximately EUR 650 million and sawmill volume 1.5 million m3 of sawn timber. The company employs a total of approximately 850 people.

Versowood manufactures sawn timber and its various further processed products, planed, painted, strength-graded and impregnated products, glulam products and structures, wooden packaging products, telephone and electricity poles, wooden bridges and bioenergy products.