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Choose the Original – HewSaw Grey

Veisto Oy

HewSaw primary breakdown lines are manufactured by family-owned Veisto Oy in the small town of Mäntyharju in the heart of Finland’s Lake District. The company’s reputation as the manufacturer of the world’s best sawing machines and sawlines has spread far from Mäntyharju and today, approximately 80 per cent of the company’s products are exported from Finland. In addition to the domestic Finland market, other major markets for the company’s equipment include Sweden, the Baltic countries, Canada and the USA, Russia, Central Europe and the plantation forests of the southern hemisphere including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and South America.

Knowing our customers stems from our own roots

The founding family of Veisto Oy and HewSaw have deep roots in the sawmill industry, bringing extended knowledge about wood processing to our customers. Our long history gives us the background to succeed and utilising today’s modern technology keeps us at the forefront of the business.
Company driven innovations which deliver high quality efficiency are also evident in the company’s own production. The Sawing Machine Plant 2020 project is an internal project that has allowed us to introduce innovative robots, processing machines and measurement systems that improve quality control at the company’s factory.

HewSaw products are manufactured in Mäntyharju in Southern Savonia, Finland. The company employs more than 250 people in eight countries. The company began delivering internationally in the 1980s and today has customers in over 30 countries on six continents. The profitability and solvency of the company are very good.

HewSaw brand

HewSaw® is a registered brand for sawing machines, sawing equipment, spare parts and services owned by Veisto Oy. Innovations related to the products have been trademarked and patented around the world. HewSaw is committed to efficiency, precision and reliability.

Choose the Original - HewSaw Grey

HewSaw Grey is not just about the colour grey – it is much more. It is a promise to our customers on our ability to offer innovation, sustainable development, partnerships and industry-wide expertise, which delivers efficiency and profits to sawing. The HewSaw grey and features has already become a new standard in the manufacturing in the industry.


  • Profit
    Our products are profitable both to the customer and the manufacturer
  • Innovation
    We are a pioneer in the development and application of new technology that is customer-directed
  • High quality
    We provide uncompromising quality and control in all operational areas
  • Expertise
    Close co-operation with customers both before and after the delivery
  • Job satisfaction
    A requirement and guarantee for high-quality operations
  • Flexibility
    Customer operational profitability must be ensured even if it requires customized solutions
  • Reliability
    When we make a promise, we commit to it