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HewSaw starting a new investment

By 28.1.2023February 5th, 2024No Comments
HewSaw’s latest investment project brings additional space and capacity to the factory’s paint shop building. The investment is part of the Sawing Machine Plant 2025 project, for which the ELY Centre has granted funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Construction of the expansion began in January 2023, and the new facilities are scheduled to be operational by the end of 2023.

The total area of the expansion is 1300 m2, where a new grain blasting room and painting chamber will be completed. The main supplier of the equipment is Spraytec, which also handled the modernization of the paint line in 2019. The main contractor for the construction project is Rakennusyhtymä Putkinen Oy, building automation is handled by Entos Oy, HVAC contracting is done by Päijät Ilma Oy, and electrical contracting is managed by Jouko Ahtiainen Ky.

The increase in capacity and improvement in the manageability

The new painting chamber is designed especially for the treatment of large frame components, but it will also include a track, allowing it to be used for painting smaller pieces as well. The starting point for the expansion is to increase the capacity of the paint shop and further improve working conditions through larger spaces, enhanced lighting, and better ventilation and dust collection. With the increase in capacity, the need for subcontracting decreases, improving the manageability of the production process.

The design of the expansion has focused particularly on overall energy consumption. LED lamps are used for lighting, reducing energy consumption. Heat recovery has also been taken into account, and the ventilation efficiency of the chambers is as high as 80-90%. In the paint shop, new, more environmentally friendly filtration technology is utilized, incorporating Paint Stop filters.