HewSaw SL250 3.3

HewSaw SL250 3.3

Sawing Line with All the Modern Features

HewSaw SL250 3.3 is the most diverse and flexible model in the HewSaw product family. The structure and automation of the line facilitate efficient sawing with a high lumber recovery factor. The modern multi-phase measurement and optimization system is also suitable for scan and set sawing. The sawing line can efficiently process logs of many different sizes.

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Top diameter: 100–420 mm
Maximum log diameter: 550 mm
Cant height in Chipper Canter: 75–410 mm
Cant width in Chipper Canter: 75–410 mm
Cant height in Rip Saw: 63–310 mm
Cant width in Rip Saw: 75–410 mm
Saw kerf: 4.2–5.0 mm
Line speed: 60–200 m/min
Chip length: 20–30 mm
Movable saws:
Cant saw 2-4 movable saws
Rip saw 2-6 movable saws

Line length: 70–80 m

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