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HewSaw products enhance efficiency

By utilising the latest technology in our HewSaw products, we can support our customers in their goal of operating a profitable sawmill business. This includes maximizing lumber recovery while at the same time utilising the log’s residuals for high quality chips, or sawdust for energy production or other uses. The bottom line is our highly efficient use of the fibre results in improved cost efficiency and profits for our customers.

HewSaw’s well developed fully optimized curve sawing methods ensure the best possible yield from each and every log, while the latest dx sawing technology featuring four-arbour sawing provides added benefits, such as improved recovery and a substantial increase in throughput compared to traditional sawmilling techniques.
  • Our smart solutions help customers improve their operations and include production support such as remote measurements, virtual training and predictive maintenance.
  • We offer several types of sawing machines and sawmill lines and for each one we can offer multiple customized configurations, which provide our customers with many choices to meet their production requirements. When it comes to subcontracted technology on our equipment we have a number of preferred suppliers, but as an independent company, we are also open to co-operating with many industry-leading companies, meaning we can work closely with customers to provide their preference for specific components.
  • You can find more information on our products below. Contact us directly and we can work with you to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions to your specific needs.

Our products

HewSaw R200 A.1

HewSaw R200 1.1

HewSaw R250 A.1

HewSaw R250 1.1

HewSaw SL200 2.2

HewSaw SL250 2.2

HewSaw SL250 3.3

HewSaw CRS200 / CRS250

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