HewSaw SL200 2.2

HewSaw SL200 2.2

Greatest Recovery Sawing Line for Small Logs

HewSaw SL200 sawing lines are designed for logs with a 80-300mm top diameter and a 350 mm large end diameter. The line’s feed speed can be set up to 200 m/min (650 ft/min) and it is efficient in sawing short and unsorted logs.

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Top diameter: 80–280 mm
Maximum log diameter: 380 mm
Cant height in chipper canter: 75–270 mm
Cant width in chipper canter: 75–254 mm
Cant height in rip saw: 75–270 mm
Cant width in rip saw: 64–234 mm
Saw kerf: 3,2–4,2 mm
Line speed: 70–250 m/min
Chip length: 20–30 mm
Options in rip saw:
Fixed saws, V0
Movable saws, V1
4 Movable Saws, V4



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