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Product development

Our product development produces solutions that help our customers reach their goals.

Our on-going product development provides improved productivity for our customers

Dx Sawing has brought the sawmill industry into the 2020s and beyond. With dx sawing, we have added additional sawing units to our existing lines which has enabled us to double our cutting speed (depending on log size), increase recovery, and improve the life of sawblades.

With the introduction of dx sawing, HewSaw is once again increasing the lead it created with curve sawing technology in its earlier sawing machines. With optimized curve sawing, a pattern is selected based on the characteristics of each individual log to ensure the best possible yield.

We have also developed our sawing technology so that our single pass machines and multi-unit sawlines produce high value and uniform chips as a by-product of the sawmilling process. Our chips are highly prized by pulp and paper producers due to their consistency and lack of fines, meaning our sawmill customers have improved bargaining power when selling these residual products to pulp producers.

And now we are leading the industry into a new era through our dx sawing, where an initial cut is made with a first set of saws and then finished with a second set of saws. This new solution means we can offer our customers productivity rates of over 300 cubic metres per hour (150,000 board feet per hour), thinner kerf saws for higher yield, and less wear on the saws, resulting in more time between saw changes. With this new technology, we are confident in referring this breakthrough as a giant leap forward in sawmilling.

Meeting the needs and requirements of our customers is what guides us in the development of new solutions, including equipping our machines with remote digital connections to help us advise our customers on daily operations and prevent unnecessary stoppages and optimize the uptime of the HewSaw.
When it comes to occupational safety, at HewSaw we have been continuously developing and improving in this area for more than 25 years. Our new series of machines and lines are protected from dust, provide lower noise levels, are designed with saws offering reduced physical loads for improved ergonomics, are fenced in and enclosed with the most modern and reliable safety locks, and come complete with stairs and walkways for improving safety and efficiency during maintenance and servicing.

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