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HewSaw Log Positioner


For highest accuracy and speed.



Scanning conveyor
Chain details:
V-flight type, angle slide ways 
Headshaft motor: 20 hp  
Compressed air: 85 psi  
Machine length: 30´ - 60´  
Machine width:  
Machine height:  
Approx. weight: 24,000 lbs  
Log Positioner:

Single rotor 1R

Double rotor 2R
Feed rate: up to 400 fpm up to 700 fpm
Min. log length: 10´
Max. log length: 20´ 20´
Machine length: 5´ 9˝ 8´ 5˝
Machine width:

11´ 2˝

11´ 2˝

Machine height:

11´ 2˝

11´ 2˝

Approx. weight: 14,500 lbs 20,000 lbs



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